Access via LAN network

iaccThe last 2-3 years in our e booming high-speed Internet access and mainly thanks to the local LAN ISPs who managed to find the exact location. Spread fast and cheap Internet access over Ethernet networks, however, it is typical of larger cities, such as Sofia and other big cities, where even competition between suppliers is quite serious. For smaller settlements in the country the situation is still not very good in terms of speed and cheap Internet access. In order to acquaint you with the advantages and disadvantages of various methods of obtaining access to the global network will look at the main alternatives.

This is the most common method of Internet access at home. It is easiest for the initial installation and operation by the user as it does not require the purchase of additional hardware. Suffice your computer has a network controller and in virtually any more modern motherboard (manufactured in the last 4-5 years) has integrated one. With this type of access is required the company that will supply the service, simply push a network cable to your computer system and make the necessary settings of the operating system. Then now you get access to a global network with limited speed according to the tariff in which you stop. Usually the speed of access vary quite widely, the cheapest plans starting at around $10-15 provide a speed sufficient for viewing Web pages, but not for downloading large files. Maximum access plans reach $80-100, which guarantees very high maximum speeds, suitable mainly for people who exchange large volumes of multimedia information over the Internet.

Access via a LAN to the Internet there are some risks, so you should be careful when choosing your future service provider. Firstly not to throw the cheapest proposal, collect several offers from providers with coverage in your area and compare the services offered by them. You should watch especially for the presence of installation fee they collect some ISPs, but others made free installation. The lack of such initial fee is not a guarantee of quality or poor service instead seek the opinion of your friends who already use the services of one of the suppliers. You can also search for reviews on the address of each company in the Internet for the purpose benefit from the services of the nearest Internet club.

Mentioning search feedback that which should focus primarily is the availability of complaints often disconnect and very low speeds. Check what is the situation with the support of the Internet provider, mainly look for the presence of 24-hour telephone complaints, working weekends. The most annoying is to stop you access the Internet over the weekend calling on support to find that in fact there is none to pick up the phone across the street and have to wait until Monday to report the problem and it shall be removed.