Using a cable modem

The advantage of this type of Internet access lies in the fact that using existing networks of cable operators offering access to a package of television channels. That is, the ability to quickly put the Internet in the same cable that comes and cable TV to home is a great convenience, you only need to install a cable modem. This is actually the device that separates different types of signals passing over a single cable and serves to connect the computer to the global network. Depending on the operator, you can purchase a cable modem, to pay rent for the device or use it for free, while customer service.

Another undeniable comfort that offers this type of Internet access is the ability to buy a combined package of services, all of which are provided on a path from one supplier. The simultaneous use of the access to a package of television programs, Internet access and VoIP telephone services, receiving phone with its own number. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis combined package is very convenient, and cost point of view is advantageous for users who need two or three offered by the operator services.

All this may sound very well, but this type of access is not without its drawbacks. First is the limit on the maximum speed of the transmission medium, which means that there is a limit and a maximum speed of access that can be offered to the end customer. It is currently the highest shared speed currently provided by cable modem is up to 4 megabits, while as on LAN is offering plans with maximum speed up to 20 Mbps and even more. Naturally these are 4 megabits optimum achievable speed, given that around you no longer full of users with high-speed access sharing the same route. Another disadvantage lies in the fact that the speed of transmission of information in this access method is lower than that for the reception of data.

For most users, these flaws do not matter because the most common speed access at home – between 256 and 1000 Kbps – quite the reach of cable providers.